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Used Audi Q5 for Sale near Vancouver

Silver Audi Q5 for Sale in langley, BC
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Used Audi Q5 for Sale

Once upon a time, the definition of modern luxury looked like a car - and Audi designs had always been at the forefront. But in mid-2000s, the crossover revolution began to sweep North America - and while some manufacturers lagged behind demand, the Audi Q5's 2009 debut turned a lot of heads. With a winning combination of comfort, space, and utility, all seen through the lens of Audi's legendary attention to detail and craftsmanship, the Audi Q5 has risen to the top of sales charts to become one of Audi's top sellers. There's no better way to get behind the wheel of an Audi Q5 than choosing to buy used - and in Metro Vancouver, the best destination for buying a used Audi Q5 is Audi Langley. Our stock of used and certified pre-owned Audi vehicles is available to look through whenever you need it. One click or tap - that's all it takes to get started!

Used Audi Q5

So what makes our new and used Audi Q5's for sale such a compelling choice in today's crossover market? Even if you look back to its Canadian debut, all of the building blocks for a hit were already there. Like everything in today's Audi lineup, it begins with craftsmanship that's a cut above the competition - comfortable, configurable seating, comprehensive safety features, and a full range of electronics that enhance performance and stability out on the road. It's clear that when it comes to the Audi Q5, there's a lot going on - from the bold lines and bright LEDs of the exterior, to under the hood, and inside the spacious cabin. And it's all brought together by the exclusive Audi MMI - the Multi Media Interface that helps integrate audio, climate control, mobile phone integration, safety sensors, performance data, navigation and much more since its debut in 2001. Each new generation of MMI provides even more value for our drivers, and the Audi Q5 benefits from this innovative control suite as well as any other model. Find out how intuitive a true Audi driving experience can be by setting up a test drive at Audi Langley today - you can set up an appointment or walk in a full seven days a week. Get in touch with us about any vehicle that catches your eye, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

So if you're ready to make the next move, so is the Audi Langley team. As the Fraser Valley's newest Audi dealer, our facilities have to be seen to be believed. Even from the road, it's clear that we've used every inch of 33,000 square feet of space, accommodating 12 cars in the showroom, 8 multi-make service bays, and much more - including a comfortable and refreshing café. Even as we recognize the value of every minute of your time, Audi Langley also understands that even a brief break can make all the difference during the purchasing process. So when you find time to begin looking for your next used Audi Q5, give Audi Langley a try and you'll discover a much better way to buy. It can all start online, thanks to our 24/7 inventory system. Pick out a couple of candidates - crossovers, cars, and more - and we'll get started.

Audi Q5 Interior

Audi Langley - True Luxury, 7 Days a Week

Audi Langley recognizes how difficult it can seem to find time to shop for a used crossover, even one as well-regarded as the Audi Q5. Our team is dedicated to getting you behind the wheel at a time that fits with your busy schedule - any day of the week! If you prefer to start your journey with a walk-in, stop by Audi Langley whenever works best - Monday to Thursday 9 AM - 8 PM, Friday and Saturday 9 to 6, or Sunday from 11 to 5. But it's never too early to start researching about your used Audi Q5, so take a look at our online inventory and ask us anything you'd like to know. Our Audi experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

Audi Q5 Steering Wheel

Discover True Used Luxury With Certified Pre-Owned Audi Selections

When it comes to design and manufacturing, Audi is renowned for attention to detail - but what you might not know is that many of its used selections receive just as much focus. Over 80% of the used Audi inventory at Audi Langley has gone through a rigorous certification process, including a 300+-step inspection checklist, to become certified pre-owned Audi vehicles. These cars and crossovers come with exclusive warranties that only Audi can provide!

Silver Audi Q5

Exceptional Driving Comfort Meets Exceptional Customer Service

Since its 2008 debut, the Audi Q5 has proven itself again and again as a true competitor in the crossover market. And since its 2013 grand opening as the Fraser Valley's first Audi dealership, Audi Langley has always been a cut above the competition. We know that when it comes to what they drive, our customers expect more - and we're proud to match Audi quality with a higher standard of customer service. So stop by, sit down at the café, and discover a better way to buy!

Unlock Peak Performance With Audi Langley Parts and Service

When you drive home in your used Audi Q5, the Audi Langley team knows that you'll be in for a lifetime of luxury and value. But to help maintain the same standard of performance for as long as you own it, Audi Langley offers fully-stocked parts and service departments. Our Audi experts can support the ownership experience from day one - from routine maintenance and inspection to prompt and convenient repair service!