Audi Langley

Finance 101

The first step in buying a vehicle!

So you want to buy a new car, but you don't know what the first step is. You have to figure out what you can afford! Once you know your budget you can start figuring out what you need, what you want, and what you can live without. The most important thing is finding a vehicle that makes you happy, and you won't be happy if the payments are too high or the quality is too low.

You can start by checking out our online resources. The quick credit application will fill in basic information, and then we will contact you to get started talking about what rates we can offer you. The payment calculator will show you what your monthly payments will be for a given annual interest rate. Of course we will work with you in person too. Come down to our dealership at 5955 Collection Drive in Langley, BC and one of our finance experts will work to get you the best car financing plan that will suit you.

How are the terms of the loan decided?

They are mostly determined by how much you need to cover the cost of the vehicle, how long you need the loan for, what the current interest rates are, and a few miscellaneous factors like credit history, too. Your financing costs will be lower if you can pay more upfront, reduce the length of time you need the loan, or build you credit history. Terms are flexible, but based on fact.

Once you have your budget figured out the fun begins! Start by browsing our new and used inventory online, or come down to our dealership to see our vehicles in person. You can arrange a test drive and get started finding the right feel for you. If you are concerned about warranties and other extras, don't worry ? these can all be wrapped up in the financing too!

Give us a call or email to get started today! Or, better yet, fill out the online credit application and a member of our finance team will get back to you as soon as we receive it.