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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Too often people think extended warranties are a waste of money. Of course, in some cases they are, but not normally. Sometimes consumers buy the warranty and don't need it. But how much would you pay for peace of mind? And how much could you pay if you run into car troubles?

An extended warranty guarantees your car will be road ready. If anything goes wrong within specified limits, it will be fixed. This is incredibly beneficial because you may not have the money to fix your car when it breaks! Many people don't have enough saved to cover expensive unexpected repairs, and if you do, you don't want to blow your vacation fund fixing a broken vehicle!

Extended warranties are a way to save for the future. Pay a certain amount now to save later. Also extended warranties will be cheaper than repairs if there is any real problems with the car. Mechanics can be expensive, don't let the worry of an expensive repair get you down.

Things you might expect to see in a warranty plan

In a good warranty plan the seller should be a Better Business Bureau certified business. You don't want to buy an extended warranty from someone who may not be around in a few years. BBB certified businesses tend to be more legitimate. Another perk to look for is that a free loaner car is provided while yours is in the shop; if you have to pay out of pocket it can be expensive!

Selecting the right plan can be difficult. Your ideal warranty plan may be a lot different than the one your friend recommends. Our sales team will help you select a plan that makes sense. We can help guide you through the ins and outs of the fine print so that you know what is and is not covered when you need repairs.

At Audi Langley located at 5955 in Langley, BC we understand the delicate balance between cost and peace of mind when deciding on an extended warranty plan. If you are looking for an inexpensive plan, don't just select the cheapest ? make sure it will actually benefit you. Likewise, if you want full protection don't just purchase the most expensive one. Talk to us about purchasing an extended warranty when you are buying your car and we will make sure that you are only getting what you need.