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Shopping for an Audi S4 in Greater Vancouver?

Meet the Audi S4

If you are looking for an Audi, the Audi S4 is certainly a vehicle that you want to have on your radar. The Audi name represents a long line of fine vehicles that represent sophistication, style and durability. The S4 is no different. What is different about this vehicle is the price, and when it comes time to buy a vehicle this is one of the biggest concerns that the buyer will have, of course. The S4 is luxury at its best, but it leaves the expensive price sticker behind it. Let's look more at the Audi S4, its features and more and learn why it is a vehicle well deserving of a spot on your dealer lot.

What is the Audi S4?

The Audi S4 was first produced by Audi in 1992. It is still manufactured and sold today, with the 2017 back and better than ever. The S4 was a hit from the very first moment it rolled off of the showroom floors and that same tradition continues today. The S4 is a 3.0 liter V6 mid-size sedan. The vehicle is stylish and sleek on the outside and inside has all of the features that the customer wants in an upscale ride that delivers more than what they expect.

With seating for 5 people the Audi S4 is roomy on the inside, providing plenty of head and foot room for all passengers. The vehicle provides superior handling, outstanding acceleration and comfort; all of the things that a driver wants and needs in their car. And, it is priced within a budget most drivers can afford! Worried about recalls and safety? Of course you are! There isn't a car dealership out there that wants to sell a car that won't keep all of their customers happy and safe. Luckily you will feel great about this vehicle and proudly telling those who are interested in making the purchase that this one is a safe vehicle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety honored the S4 with ratings of 'good' in safety testing. And, the car has many different standard safety features that put your mind at ease.

Upscale Luxury on a Budget

Yes, there are faster and sleeker luxury cars out there, but they also come with price tags far greater as well. The S4 has all of those great things the driver wants without the price tag attached to it. The Audi S4 - for sale at Audi Langley - is a vehicle that practically sells itself. This car has been a hit since it was first introduced to the market, and things have stayed pretty steady within this area since that time.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in an Audi, you must ensure the Audi S4 is a vehicle that is being considered. There's great benefits to be had, all while exceeding the needs of your ideal car and then some.