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Audi's R8 Super Bowl ad

Few things grab the imagination quite as strongly as the prospect of space travel. Although we're still ages away from the age of exploration portrayed in Star Trek, the idea that we might someday be able to escape the bonds of Earth speaks to us like nothing else.


Well… almost nothing else.

The Audi R8 V10 Coupé doesn't just look like something out of Tron - it's an inspired piece of automotive design that truly pushes the envelope of what we can experience on the road.

Powered by the exclusive 540-horsepower Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI, or the available 610-horsepower FSI plus, the Audi R8 V10 Coupé helps redefine our relationship with automotive power.

Because just like the success of a space mission depends on the expertise and quick reactions of the ground crew, the Audi R8 is loaded with features that help keep you in control. It starts with Audi S Tronic transmission, which offers the choice of three automatic electronic shifting profiles, as well as the the opportunity to manually shift - all standard. And while a top speed of 320 km/h means information will be coming at you faster than you might expect (while obeying all local traffic laws, of course), the Audi Virtual Cockpit, a multifunctional display that adapts to your needs, is always at your disposal to keep you in the know. And it's all tied together by the Audi MMI, today's most powerful and user-friendly interface.

Audi's R8 Super Bowl ad

So if you take a test drive at Audi Langley, and you feel like you're on a mission to uncharted frontiers, that's absolutely by design. Take a look at our online inventory to discover today's most exciting sports car experience - and get in touch with us to get behind the wheel today.

Because while this inspiring commercial makes a compelling case for the R8, Audi's interest in the moon isn't just cosmetic - the manufacturer has a strong belief that humankind hasn't finished with our closest astronomical neighbor just yet.

A joint venture between the Part-Time Scientists and Audi, the Audi Lunar quattro rover is designed to compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. It's a goal as audacious as the R8's design - for an autonomous vehicle to land on the moon, drive 500 metres, and send HD images back to earth.

At Audi Langley, we understand the power of a dream. So discover the vehicle that Car and Driver called "beautiful to behold, easy to live with, and simply marvelous to drive" in its glowing four-and-a-half star review.

Audi's R8 Super Bowl ad

Discover what thousands of customers in Metro Vancouver and the Langley Valley have already learned - as the area's only Audi dealership, Audi Langley is a true automotive resource. Tap or click to take a look at our online inventory - because if the R8 inspires you as much as it inspires us, or you have another of the unbeatable Audi lineup in mind, it's time to take the next step at our 33,000 square foot facility in Langley, where our full showroom, service center, and café are only the beginning of your customer experience.

And after you get in touch with us, learn more about the Audi Lunar quattro by checking out the official Mission to the Moon microsite here: