Audi Langley

Audi A3 for Sale in Langley

Audi A3 for Sale in Langley

  • 1.8 L TFSI 170 Horsepower Engine
  • S TronicĀ® Automatic Transmission
  • Standard Panoramic Glass Sunroof
  • Audi Pre Sense System

The words luxury and sedan have never been closer than they are than when apply them to the Audi A3. Handsomely designed with aerodynamic accents and a cabin that embodies the premium market better than any other car, you'll find yourself thrown into the spotlight with everything this amazing Audi has to offer you. Equipped with the revolutionary 1.8L Direct-Injection Turbocharged 16-Valve DOHC Engine and ready to edge around corners with a sharp look and fantastic technology features, the Audi A3 is cut from a different cloth than the rest of the competition. Visit Audi Langley to find the 2015 A3 and other fantastic vehicles that complement our commitment to offering you the quality service you deserve.

The Feeling of a Turbocharged Engine

Explore the urban sprawl and the country streets with the Audi A3, a car that has the power and presence to get you where you're going in a smooth, responsive drive unlike any other. Equipped with a 1.8L I-4 Turbochaged Engine, this year's model has the energy to get you up-to-speed with 170 Horsepower and 199 lb-ft of Torque. The 4-link rear suspension with separate spring/shock absorbers makes driving an A3 feel like you're driving on air.

Transmission Technology

There's something to be said about a car that has the performance-tuned drive to get you where you're going without those constant stop-overs at gas stations along the way. While the Audi A3 has a top-speed of up to 209 km/h and the go-go-go acceleration to bring you from 0-100 km in just 7.7 seconds you won't have to worry about filling the 50 litre fuel capacity. There's plenty of technology on this year's model, including Audi Pre Sense Basic system that can trigger anticipatory protective measures when needed.

Sophistication at its Best

Sitting down and closing the door separates you from the harsh noises and complications of the outside world and welcomes you to the comfort and harmony that has elevated the Audi A3 to its current status of a true blue-blooded driving experience. Enjoy the view with the standard panoramic sunroof that adds to your interior space, and with a previously unheard of tilt-and-retract feature you can welcome the fresh air through the cabin. Leather seats elevate the overall appearance and feel, without the concern for leg room. Fold the seats down to gain access to the rear cargo space or expand it to bring more along for the ride.

Get your A3 at Audi Langley

A vehicle that continues to represent and forward the Audi name, this year's Audi A3 is a delight to drive, a pleasure to travel in, and an attractive car to look at wherever you're heading. Find out more about this and other amazing offers at Audi Langley. We stand at the height of the industry with the best in quality for vehicles and our customers. We invite you to come to our dealership, located at 5955 Collection Drive, in Langley to look over and test drive our wide selection of Audi vehicles. Contact us at (604) 539-0255 or come in person, our friendly staff is ready to provide you with all your Audi needs.