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2015 Audi A7

    2015 Audi A7 in Surrey, BC

  • Enjoy between 240 and 333 horsepower
  • 3.0 Quattro engines for impressive efficiency
  • Offered in both gasoline and diesel engine options
  • Standard technology including Bluetooth and Audi sound system

A stylish answer to an industry overloaded with unattractive, underpowered, and generally underwhelming vehicles, the 2015 A7 stands as a nearly unmovable obstacle for competitors attempting to try their luck against Audi design and engineering prowess. Whether you are new to the Audi name or want to experience more than just a dash of premium features, the 2015 model is sure to impress.

Options on this marvellously modern automobile include rear seat bench for 2 passengers, or a standard three seat configuration for those intent on bringing more along for this comfortable ride. The highly manoeuvrable controls that Audi along can boast make for exhilarating responsive from any of the tuned engine configurations. Enjoy everything that lies ahead with the confidence and the presence on the road that you get standard with the A7 today at Audi Langley.

The 2015 A7 in Surrey, BC

Are you the type of driver that expects your car to respond to your commands quickly without leaving you feeling underwhelmed by the power you have control over? Well, with the A7's impressive engine options that include the 3.0L TFSI and 3.0 TDI configurations, with gasoline or diesel fuel type allowances, you get to choose between the TFSI's 333 horsepower and the TDI's standard 240 horsepower.

Note the S tronic feature on the A7 that includes a sporty and efficient driving experience from dual-clutch transmission and takes the traditional two gearbox format into a single, rapidly-changing and smooth-responding machine. Automatic transmissions have never been as good as they are today.

Experience Counts

Take hold and wield this powerful instrument with the care and comfort that makes Audi a brand recognized worldwide for its luxury features. Know that you have the safety and the engineering that has earned the A7 the impressive Quattro permanent drive system that responds and lets you rely on it for control over traction on whatever conditions the roads take.

Safety components are well recognized on Audi vehicles, with climate control and automatic air recirculation that ensure everyone is content whenever and however long you're in the vehicle together. Driving assistance systems on the 2015 A7 include cruise control, extended safety systems that relay warnings with front and rear park distance control and, of course standard suspension/shock absorption for smooth response on the road.

Exaggerations Not Required

Inside, the A7 offers a comfort-oriented cabin with 4 different leather seat covering options. The natural fine grain ash wood inlay summons up imagery of elevated style that many modern vehicles lack, with dashboard and multi-piece door trim panels that are themselves a response to aesthetics premium-inspired drivers deserve when they open the door.

The heated front and rear seats are matched by standard heated steering wheel and technologies features as impressive as navigation and Bluetooth recognition. If any of these luxury components seem to suggest they would fit your expectations join us today at Audi Langley and take the amazing 2015 Audi A7 for a test drive today.

Audi Langley - Your Dealership for the Audi A7

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